Call For Poster

Call For Poster

All authors are invited to submit poster presentation on the following topics, not limited to:

Soft Computing, Ubiquitous Computing, Distributed / Decentralized Intelligent, Fuzzy Systems, AI and Expert Systems, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Wearable Computers, Information and Retrieval Systems, Knowledge Engineering, Signal / Image and Multimedia Processing, Software-Enabled Controls, Real-Time Operating Systems, Architecture for Autonomous Systems, Software Engineering for Real-Time Systems, Real-Time Data Communications, Context-Conscious Computing, Integrated Information and Automation, Architecture and Topology.
ICAE Mechanical Track
Control and Mechanical Engineering Systems, Aerodynamics, Applied Mechanics and Control Systems, Computational Mechanics and Engineering, Dynamics and Vibration, Energy Engineering and Management, Fluid dynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Engines, Fuels and Combustion, Instrumentation and Control, Material Science and Processing, Mechatronics and Mechanical Design, Mechanical Power Engineering, Nanomaterial Engineering, New and Renewable Energy, Design and Industry of PC Guides, Mechanics of Plasticity, Pollution and Environmental Engineering, Power-train Solutions, Power train Technology, Precision Mechanics, Mechatronics, Production Technology, Automation and Control Robotic, Textile and Leather Technology, Design and Manufacturing of Vehicles, Vehicle Dynamics and Intelligent Control Systems, Vehicle Safety, Thermodynamics, Transportation Systems, Mechanical Sciences.
ICAE Electronics Track
Bio-medical Electronics, Electrical and Magnetic Records, Optical Imaging Techniques, Embedded Systems, Surveillance Systems and Engineering, Power Electronics, Analog or Digital Signal Processing Circuits, Power Transmission, Protection and Insulation, Power Plants, Electric Machines, Renewable / Green Energy, Smart Grid.
Submission of Abstracts

Authors are invited to submit their poster abstract (no template) through the URL ( Please note that you should register first to create an account on the system, if you have not done it yet, before submitting your poster abstract.

After acceptance decision, authors will be asked to design their posters in accordance with the guidelines.

General Poster Guidelines:
  • To stand out, your poster should convey your key findings and be visually appealing to grab the attention of attendees. So be clear, concise and creative.
  • To output an image properly, it is recommended that the image resolution be at least 300 dpi.
  • To supplement your poster, prepare handouts and be ready to answer questions and explain your research in greater detail.
Content Guidelines:
Top of the Poster:
  • Include the title of your presentation, the sub-title, the list of authors, contact information (website, email, social media and phone number) and a photo of the lead presenter in the top right corner of the poster.
Main Body of the Poster:
  • Organize the content of your poster much like the outline of a journal article. But make sure the content is presented in a clear, coherent format. Conference attendees have a lot on the go and many different presentations competing for their attention.
  • Start off with a succinct introduction and a brief description of the methodology used for your research followed by a results and discussion section.
  • Make sure the results and discussion section clearly identifies the problem, result and conclusion for each of your key findings. But keep it brief. Too much detail.
Bottom of the Poster:
  • Include a conclusion that either summarizes your work or informs attendees about your future research.

Poster must be vertically oriented (portrait) and adhere to the following dimensions:A1 Paper: 594 x 841 mm or 23.4 x 33.1 in

Poster Template

Authors are free to choose or make their own poster templates. However, if required, these templates are free to be used: LaTex Template; PPT Template

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